Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You...

Looking over my last post, I realized that the ten questions I posed to my awardees revealed as much about myself as they were intended to reveal about them. And since you and I are still in the early stages of a blogger-blog reader relationship, I thought it would be interesting to answer those questions myself. 

1) Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a peg leg? Why? "Neither" is not an option. 
Now, I really struggled with this question. What style hook would it be? Like Captain Hook's? Or could it be like an Inspector Gadget arm that telescoped and extended as necessary? And that peg leg - what material are we talking about? Wood? That would be susceptible to termites and water damage. Ooooh, what about marble? That might be nice. Ultimately, I'm going to go with the peg leg. I think it would interfere less with my everyday life, and there seem to be more options for kick-ass styling.

2) What song can you absolutely not resist dancing or singing along to when you hear it?
I have a lot of songs I can't resist dancing to, especially in the car. But the one that always, always gets me is Tom Jones's "It's Not Unusual." In high school, I had a slight obsession with Sir Tom, and especially this song. It's a total feel-good song. Listen to it, and just try to tell me it doesn't make you wanna dance. Go on, I'm waiting.


Oh, you liar! I saw you dancing!

3) Goats or raccoons: which are more evil and why? 
This one is easy: goats, hands down. I hate goats. It doesn't surprise me at all that they're associated with the devil. This loathing extends back to when I was about four years old and my mom took me to the Happy Hollow petting zoo. I turned my back on a goat for just a few seconds, and before I knew it he was trying to eat me! Hairy goat lips nipping at my back as he tore chunks from my shirt. I was terrified! And scarred for life. Then, 24 years later, the goats were at it again. I got married at a venue that had horses, donkeys, and... goats. And before the ceremony, two of the goats got loose on the dance floor, apparently trying to ruin my wedding. Maybe they even wanted some of my tasty wedding dress, I don't know. What I do know is that goats are evil, and I'm staying the hell away from them. You should too.

4) If you could travel to any place you wanted, in any time period you wanted, when and where would you go?
Well, I definitely wouldn't want to go too far back in the past. I've worn a corset (don't ask), which makes me intimately familiar with the oppression of women, and I want no more of that, thankyouverymuch. I'm thinking 1920s Paris might be interesting. Or tagging along on an archaeological dig in Egypt in the early 1930s, experiencing all the excitement of uncovering an ancient pharaoh's tomb for the first time. Right now I'd even take a present-day beach in Hawaii or the Caribbean somewhere. I think I just need a vacation.

5) If you could resurrect one canceled television show, which one would you choose and why?
My first instinct was to say Firefly, but I feel like that show's loose ends got tied up okay in the movie Serenity. So I'm going to say The Cleaner, which A&E canceled after just two seasons. The acting was moving, the writing was superb, and I cried during nearly every episode. It was just an excellent show and it's a shame more people didn't watch it.

6) What is your favorite curse or insult to hurl at someone?
Normally, my answer would be "douche-canoe." But lately, thanks to @BPGlobalPR, I've discovered a new fondness for "pickledick." Both are solid insults, but right now, I'm going to have to go with "pickledick." Also, if you aren't familiar with @BPGlobalPR, read it. It's a hilarious send-up of BP's dumbass handling of the oil spill in the Gulf.

7) What flavor ice cream would you be and why? Bonus: Would you be tempted to eat yourself? 
First off, there would have to be some chocolate involved. I love chocolate. But maybe not as the base. I'm thinking a sweet cream base, a swirl of coffee or espresso syrup, and some toasted hazelnuts and big chunks of really good quality dark chocolate mixed in. It's not a flavor for everyone, but it's damn good and plenty of people would like it. Much like me. Oh, and yes, I'd totally eat myself, no question about it.

8) What is the most valuable lesson you've learned so far in life?
It sounds simple, but it's really not: don't worry about things that don't matter. What matters to you is going to be very different from what matters to me. And it's hard work figuring out what really matters. For me, having an immaculate house matters less than spending quality time with good friends. Arguing a point with a stranger out of principle (because dammit, I'm right!) matters a heck of a lot less than behaving in a way that doesn't make me turn red when I look in the mirror. And being liked matters much, much less than being true to myself. Do I always live up to these standards? Nope, not at all. But at least I have a sense of what matters to me, and I'm trying to live it.

9) Whom do you prefer, Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.... in bed?
Who came up with this question? Jon Stewart, duh. I love funny Jews.

10) If you could change your first name to anything you wanted, what would you choose for yourself and why? 
I wouldn't. I used to want something girlier, or more exotic and intriguing, or even a more interesting spelling, but the truth is, I'm an Erin. It suits me. Short and sweet and to-the-point, no-nonsense, not overly feminine, but still a pretty name (or I think so, anyway). It's just me.


fortunecookiejunkie said...

I like this idea. So much, in fact, that I'm stealing it. Fine, not "stealing," since I'll cite you as the source. Check my blog later...

Caroline said...

I likes it. All of it. And I'm glad you answered your own questions. 8 - I'd say firefly - I thought the cleaner was too heart wrenching - I do not like my emotions out there all the time. I do try to do #8 but it's not as easy as it should be. number 9 - natch (who doesn't love funny Jews?!) and #10 - Kimiko or Kazuko - my grandmother and mothers names, mine is so boring and white and is pronounced with a silent e like Carolyn, but not spelled that way - whatever parents, thanks for that. :o) Anywhoo - loved this post Erin! keep it up :o)

Katherine said...

I agree with Caroline. I wondered about your answers to these Qs when you posted them earlier, so I'm glad you answered them. As far as that ice cream flavor goes . . . yeah, we're gonna need to get to work on that. All of those combinations sound divine, and yes, they are perfectly Erin.

Mei said...

All I have to say is: "slight" obsession in "high school?" What the heck did we listen to the entire drive back from Oregon to Davis junior year of COLLEGE?

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