Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Best 30th Birthday Ever, Part 3: The Clearing

In my ongoing quest to redo my backyard (5 weeks and counting until B-Day!), I decided to finally tackle getting rid of the existing vegetation. Though it didn't look like much when we last visited my little backyard oasis, over the last few weeks I allowed it to grow into a lush wildlife paradise complete with foot-tall weeds and more than a few wildlife residents. I even found a little frog hopping through the grass ahead of my mower. Once he got to a shady spot, I mowed around and left him a nice big patch of tall weeds to create a new abode in. I won't be touching that part of the yard for a while anyway. I also trimmed back the behemoth of an ornamental pear that my neighbors neglect year-round and let sag over my fence. I'm proud to say I now have a sufficiently blank canvas to start the real work.

The same, but with less plant life. Like any good suburban backyard.
Doesn't it look better with that tree trimmed back?
And for those of you following my ongoing battle with the poison ivy forest, I'm happy to report that I'm winning. Check out this carnage!

An "offshoot," so to speak.

This is the main body of the plant - the vine is growing up through the fence boards. My neighbor hacked it way, way back (it was growing up over the fence and extended about 4 feet into his yard), and then I sprayed the bejesus out of it. And yes, "bejesus" is a technical term.
Next I'll either rake up all the remaining grass and weeds, or till it all under - I haven't quite figured that out yet. Then comes the even harder part: hauling a cubic foot each of decomposed granite and garden soil into the backyard. Hardscape sucks!


Unknown said...

Color me impressed. Cannot wait to see the next stage.

Unknown said...

For the last part with the soil and granite.. my suggestion is to call your cabana boy Enrique!

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