Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Best 30th Birthday Ever, Part 5: The Binge

This past weekend my lovely friend Cari came to visit me. Cari is absolutely great: funny, smart, thoughtful, and just plain fun. She does, however, have one flaw. She's an enabler.

More specifically, she's a gardening enabler. On Saturday morning we made a trip out to The Natural Gardener, where I was "just going to look" and "get ideas" for my backyard revamp. I left an hour later with $250 worth of plants. 

In Cari's defense, she did help me load the car (my poor little hatchback Honda Fit was not pleased).

Actually, it wasn't really Cari's fault at all (though she certainly didn't discourage me). And I had some really good finds. I didn't end up buying all the plants I originally planned on, but I'm happy with the changes I made. Check out my haul:

Yes, that's what $250 worth of plants looks like. That's 17 plants right there, including the 10-gallon, $110 Texas mountain laurel on the far right. It's gonna grow big and tall and smell amazing when it's covered in blooms in the spring.

I'm more thrilled with my unexpected finds. The texture on that Gulf muhly grass is just gorgeous.

The purple flowers on the fall aster are happy little splashes of color.

And check out this insanely cool groundcover I found. It's called "prostrate myoporum." Click on the picture to enlarge it and really appreciate its texture.

It's the only one of the bunch that's not native to Texas - it's from Australia - but I love the texture it adds and and it's got pretty low water needs, so I just went ahead and got it. In the spring it will be covered in little pinkish-white flowers.

This won't be the last of my plant buying for this project, but it's a good start and it gives me a definite direction for the garden. I'm thinking I'll add another variety of flowering shrub, perhaps one that blooms in the summer (a red salvia?) to complement the fall aster, and a low growing perennial that will bring another color into the palette (maybe I'll stick with the orange butterflyweed?). I'm also going to get started on the hardscape later this week, which I'm both dreading (manual labor = ugh) and excited about (visible progress!).


fortunecookiejunkie said...

Everything looks great, especially the texture on the myoporum once enlarged. Great finds!

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