Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Best 30th Birthday Ever, Part 8: The Unveiling

The back yard isn't quite complete, but it's close enough that I feel like I can finally show it off a little. First, let's recall what we started with.

Brown, blank, boring, and totally not appropriate for hosting a party.

And look at what we have now!

Later in the day, when the sun came out, I managed to get a better shot of the side of the garden closest to the house.

The pots still need to be planted with annuals, but otherwise it's pretty much finished.

I'm actually happiest with the plants. I really tried to mix different textures and heights with different colors and flowers, and I think that once the plants start to fill in in the spring, it'll really come together.

I love the way the Gulf muhly glows in the sun.

As the Japanese barberry grows, its branches will become long and arching and the plant should take on a really cool, almost sculptural form. Until then, I'm enjoying the striking contrast between the almost florescent green edges of the leaves with their dark maroon centers. Click on the photo to enlarge it and see what I mean.

Even though we're approaching mid-November, the Mexican firebush is still putting on a show. It's supposed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, so hopefully I'll see plenty of those in the spring.

And look at the little baby flowers! I'm hoping they get a chance bloom before the first real cold sets in.

The blackfoot daisy is almost blindingly white in the sun...

...and the prostrate myoporum looks like it's some sort of radioactive alien plant.

I know it sounds like I'm spending an inordinate amount of time patting myself on the back, but I really am proud of myself for getting this done. I took a pretty blank canvas, came up with an idea, and then executed it (with a little help on the manual labor, of course). I'm happy with my 30th birthday present to myself, and I'm glad it's something I'll be able to enjoy with all my friends at my party on Saturday and for a while to come after that.


Julie said...

I'm proud of you for doing any of it. And spelling all the names correctly. I just call them pretties. I can't wait to drink wine in your new pretty backyard. :)

Streetlights94 said...

Good job on all the work! It can be incredibly overwhelming to look a the "before" and not be able to know how the "after" will actually turn out. It looks fantastic.

Katherine said...

It looks beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person.

Amy in Austin said...

I'm do impressed- it looks amazing. Can I claim one of the blue chairs for Sat?

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