Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Best 30th Birthday Ever, Part 9: The Big Day

My 30th birthday party was on Saturday, and I can honestly say that I had an absolute blast. Many of my closest friends were there, including the people who've helped me through the turmoil of the last year. It was wonderful.

First, the most important part: the cakes. Yes, plural. I had three of them (plus s'mores). Why three? Because it was my birthday, and I wanted three. What more reason do you need?

From left to right, we have a carrot cake (with raisins, of course) from Allison of Not-a-Fortune fame, a hot cocoa cake (with homemade marshmallows, even!) from my coworker Wendy over at I Love Baby Quilts!, and lemon pound cake with lemon sour cream glaze (which was absolutely to die for) made by my bestie, Katherine, who sometimes blogs over at Adventures with Spider Monkeys
And this doesn't even start to get into all the deliciousness others brought: dips, chips, cheeses, and wine, wine, wine! And, of course, chocolate - because my friends know me too, too well.

I have to give Allison credit for one of the best moments of the night. She, her date, and Single Blonde brought a piñata! Because, as Allison's date said, what's a party without a piñata? He had an excellent point. Check this girl out!

We determined that this was a Dora the Explorer head attached to a Strawberry Shortcake body. And frankly, that's perfectly fine with me.
I'll spare you the gory details of her demise (and my destruction of my good friend Lisa's umbrella in the process). Ms. Shortcake contained all sorts of goodies, including candy, condoms, mini bottles of booze, and plastic shot glasses. I've been told these are all the ingredients one needs for a successful third decade.

The loot.
I developed a really deep affection for Ms. Shortcake. In fact, her head is still hanging in my yard four days later (yes, really).

What? There was candy in there! (Also, please ignore the fact that you can see my bra in this photo)

Turns out, she also makes an excellent hat that makes me look a little bit like The Flying Nun.
The weather cooperated per my request, so we were able to sit out by the new fire pit and make some s'mores.

The party was truly fabulous. It was everything I wanted it to be, and it was a great way to ring in my third decade.

I spent Monday (my actual birthday) doing even more fabulous (though less inebriated) things. I took myself out to breakfast, then got a 90 minute Swedish massage. I met Allison for wine and cheese at my absolute favorite wine bar in Austin, Apothecary.

And now, I leave you with one of the most exciting moments of the evening: the lighting of the birthday candles. Oh, and the obnoxious, sorta drunk girl in the background? Yeah, that's me.

I hope the next year has fun and exciting surprises of its own, too.


Katherine said...

I'm still dreaming of nutella s'mores. Oh so delicious...

fortunecookiejunkie said...

Poor, brave Wendy. Did we confirm that none of her hair was singed in the process of lighting that (admittedly show-stopping) candle?

Fabulous party, gorgeous. Glad you enjoyed it. Welcome to your thirties!

ilovebabyquilts said...

Thank you fortunecookie, no I was not singed in any way. It was my own fault for disregarding the 'smoldering' directive, in favor of plastic-flower-melting open flame.

Erin said...

I love that all three of my birthday cake bakers commented on this post!

@Katherine - You are welcome to come over for Nutella s'mores any time you like. You're always welcome in my fire pit.

@fortunecookiejunkie - You're worried about Wendy's hair? What about my candle?!?

@I Love Baby Quilts! - I'm glad your 80s hair is intact. ;)

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