Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buried Treasure

When last we visited my new backyard garden, I discussed the many strange things I've found buried in it. I held back a little - I've got two more surprises to share with you. First we have Exhibit A:

This is a 5 foot long wooden plank. And it was completely buried. In the ground. So either someone dug a trench, stuck it in there, and then covered it up, or it sat lying on the ground for so long that the sands of time literally covered it over. Either way, my opinion of my home's former occupants is falling rapidly.

Next up we have my personal favorite, and the thing that took me the longest to figure out:

Oh, I'm sure it's obvious to you now that I've knocked the dirt off it and placed it at an angle that makes its (presumed) identity more or less obvious. But I spent quite some time wondering if this was a piece of some garden machine, or a torture device, or a... no, no, it's just a bicycle hand brake. Rinsing it off revealed a logo (they don't put logos on torture devices, do they?) and a series of numbers in a circle (for a gear shift?) which reinforce my suspicions.

The sentimental part of me kind of wants to save this and find a way to incorporate it into the garden somehow. It's kinda cool looking, and very representative of the ridiculous things I've dug up along the way. I have a little potting bench on the patio that I could maybe display it on... What do you think?


I Am Gracie B said...

oh, i am so glad it's just a bike hand brake! being a nurse, the first thing i thought of was... well, let's just say that i thought it was an exam tool. :/

Erin said...

@AmusingGrace: Ooooh! What kind of exam tool? My curiosity is piqued!

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