Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet Miss March

There has been a major event in my household in the last week. Juliette - yes, the gorgeous gray kitty I share my home with - was named Pet of the Month at her veterinarian's office. This may or may not be a function of how much money I spent there last month (kitty ultrasounds are not cheap!). Regardless, my gorgeous girl was honored. The only thing I'm missing is a bumper sticker that says "My pet was Pet of the Month at Abraham Veterinary Clinic." 

This sort of occasion cannot go unmarked in my family. If I were my mother, I would have served Juliette her dinner on a red plate that reads "You are special today." And if Juliette was able to read, I would do just that. But she can't read (yet), so I let her eat off her regular plate. However, I did get her a little something to commemorate the date.

Yes, that's a little (okay, big) pink crown that reads, "Miss March." Juliette did not want to wear this. I don't understand why, because it was pink (girly) and sparkly (doubly girly), so she should have loved it. Apparently she doesn't like crowns. Anyway, that was the best photo I could get.

Juliette is my little buddy. She's 13 1/2, and I've had her for 7 years. I got her from an ex who had 6 cats (a warning sign in and of itself). Juliette was the smallest of the bunch and was bullied by the other cats. She lived on top of a kitchen cabinet and was afraid of everything. She would meow nonstop until I climbed up on a stool to pet her, then cowered in a corner when I reached for her. She clearly wanted affection but was afraid to receive it. I finally brought her home with me and she instantly became a completely different cat. Once she didn't have anyone else to fear, she explored and played freely. She demanded (and gave) a lot of love. I have a hard time imagining my life without her.

Now that she's a senior cat, Juliette has started to have a few more health problems. Her doctor, Dr. Anna Chan at Abraham Veterinary Clinic, is absolutely wonderful. She has followed Juliette's case closely and clearly cares about the both of us. If you live in Austin and are looking for a veterinarian, I couldn't possibly recommend Dr. Chan any more highly. She's kept Juliette healthy and happy over the last few years, which is really all I can ask for.

Juliette doesn't quite understand the honor she received this month, but I do. She's always been my special girl, and I'm glad someone else noticed what a loving, affectionate, beautiful kitty she is. I'm lucky to have her in my life - every day would be a little less special without her.


Streetlights94 said...

I prefer to think of this as a "scholarship opportunity" rather than a straight up "Pet of the Month". After all, don't we all want to invest in our futures rather than be treated as a commodity? I am sure Juliette would concur.

I've never been an animal person, least of all cats (since they can kill me), but I've grown to love Juliette -- from afar. She deserves such a great honor and if anyone can bring about world peace I know she can.

Robyn Elfie said...


Justin said...

Congratulations to her. Make sure she knows this honor is largely ceremonial and doesn't allow her to, say, park in any space she wants or kill people (apart from, of course, hobos).

Julie said...

I have to love any cat that wears a pink crown, willingly or not. Of course, I got to meet her and she's a sweetie.

Chris Alexander said...

She is a beauty, and she's lucky to have you as her lady-in-waiting (lady-in-paying?). My girl hasn't yet been given any honors--she's a 10-year-old German shepherd, but we should soon have a wing of the vet's office named after us for our generous spending. Seriously, I also couldn't imagine life without her--she's just love, love, love. Keep the Juliette stories coming!

lahn said...

I love the picture. Juliette is adorable!

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