Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Candle's All Burned Up

The last six weeks have been jam-packed, and the last nine days in particular were positively insane. Here's a quick rundown on what I did, in rough order:

- Met up with friends in town for SXSW
- Hosted friends in town two weekends in a row (and by "hosted," I mean they stayed with me)
- Went on four first dates (bleck)
- Hired and met with a career coach three times
- Hosted my cookbook club at my house
- Vacationed in Mexico for five days
- Went to LA to visit friends for four days, followed by an impromptu 18-hour detour to see my parents
- Attended far too many veterinary appointments for Juliette
- Met up with friends for drinks, lunch and dinner on way too many occasions to count

I haven't had a single free evening in the last nine days. I celebrated a friend's birthday with dinner at Texas French Bread, participated in Austin Restaurant Week at Parkside with more friends, ate dinner at NXNW with even more good friends on what would have been my third wedding anniversary (because I'll be damned if I'm sitting home alone and moping on that day), went off to LA and detoured to San Jose on the way home, saw David Sedaris live, and then finally capped it all off at the Railroad Revival Tour last night with two great girlfriends (one of whom summed up the evening quite nicely here). I think it all finally caught up to me, because I had a couple more beers than I'd planned on at the concert and flirted with a guy in a most obvious and embarrassing way, but all in all had a good night.

I generally think of myself as being someone who doesn't like to be too busy, and I was dreading the rapid fire pace of the last six weeks. Everything on my calendar was something I really wanted to do, though - it was just the timing that sucked a little. I think my fatigue was beginning to show a little by the end, because my boss noticed that I seemed to be "burning the candle at both ends." I did enjoy myself, though, and I learned something valuable about myself, too - I actually like to be busier than I thought I did. I used to think that I'd prefer to spend most evenings at home, but that turns out not to be the case. I actually like going out and meeting up with friends and being a bit busier than I realized - it's fun. Just not quite this busy, perhaps.

The next few weeks are decidedly quieter, which I'm looking forward to. I still have things planned, but they're spaced out better. The thing I'm most excited about in the next few weeks is getting back to cooking and working in my garden. I really haven't had time for either of these lately, but they're both very therapeutic for me. They require me to be very "present," because one teaspoon too much of salt or one bad snip could ruin a dish or send a plant to the compost heap. I'm also going to make a more concerted effort to get to the gym regularly and be more active in general - I feel better when I do it, and really, this situation has gotten out of control. I'm 30, and it's time to make a healthy lifestyle a habit instead of something I keep putting off until next week/month/year.


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