Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Give Up

Apparently, I'm not meant to have homemade ice cream. First my original ice cream maker died. KitchenAid replaced it under warranty, but then the replacement arrived damaged. I called and they said they'd send out another new one, but it was on backorder and might be longer than the regular 7-10 days. That was on July 20. I called today for an update. An apathetic-sounding woman named Kimberly informed me that 1) they never actually put the order through on July 20, but that doesn't matter because 2) it's on "indefinite backorder" now. Up to 60 days.

There goes my homemade ice cream experiment. I'm considering taking up a vodka drinking experiment instead.


fortunecookiejunkie said...

What if you combined the two experiments and *made* flavored vodka? Just a thought...

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