Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aural Espresso

This is one of those mornings when I can't wake up. I start working on something and about two minutes later I'm staring off into space thinking about how warm my bed would be right now (it doesn't help that, for whatever reason, my office is still running the air conditioning when it's 36 degrees outside). If my new office didn't have a cement floor, I'd be napping under my desk right now.

Music has the ability to shift my mood almost instantaneously. Enter The Black Keys. This song (yes, on repeat, I admit) is slowly but surely getting my ass in gear this morning. And when I leave on a short trip for work this afternoon, the entire album will probably be my soundtrack.

It doesn't hurt that the dancing in this video is quite possibly the best* I've ever seen.

*And by "best," I mean "most hysterical."

Update: There's some full-blown chair dancing going on in my office. You known you're jealous. 


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