Friday, February 3, 2012

Week 9 Update

Ugh - I spent 3 days traveling for work this week, and it was brutal for my diet. On Tuesday, my coworkers and I ate lunch at Allen's Family Style Meals. It's exactly what it sounds like: you sit down at a table and they just start serving you food, family-style. Platters of fried chicken, roast beef, stewed okra, pickled beets, macaroni and cheese, turnip greens, rolls, buttered potatoes, potato salad, cream gravy, beans, sweet potatoes, green beans, creamed corn, peas, and - of course - peach cobbler. Cart after cart of food rolled out of the kitchen, and as soon as a bowl or platter was empty it was replaced with a new one. The fried chicken was some of the very best I've ever had - really.

I brought my gym bag so I could work out while I was traveling, but of course I never got around to it. The days were long and I was so exhausted in the evenings that I just went to bed. And there was no way I was getting up early to work out. But, we did go on a short hike one day, and I made a point of getting back in town early enough to make it to my Thursday roller derby practice, so I did get a little bit of exercise.

Without further ado...

Week 9
Total weight loss: 4.5 pounds (maybe - I haven't weighed myself, so I'm betting I haven't lost any more weight and hoping I haven't gained any)
Number of workouts: 3 (2 roller derby practices, 1 1-mile hike)
Number of days at or under 1600 calories: 2


Anonymous said...

I think that the exercise commitment is phenomenal! Do not sell yourself short. don't you dare. and if i were you I would smile at the memory of the lovely feast you had -- wish I had had some of that chicken. :) Call me an enabler - but also call me a friend who wants you to be gentle with your sweet self -- xo jo

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