Thursday, March 15, 2012


I sold my wedding dress.

It wasn't something I thought of doing when I was married. That would have been sacrilege, to trade something so steeped in ideas of love and hope for the future for something as cheap as money. 

It wasn't something I thought of doing immediately after I got divorced, either. Then it was something too fraught with disappointment and sadness to even look at, let alone profit from.

But now it's just a dress for me: layers of lace and satin and crinoline that someone else will weigh down with her own hopes and disappointments. It looks so foreign and ill-fitting now, like it belonged to someone else, never to me.

In a way, it did.

So I sold my wedding dress, a year and a half after my divorce. I put it in a box and shipped it across the country, sending away one of the last reminders of my marriage, that first stab at adulthood. I sold it for $300, and I'll use the money to help finance my trip to Paris and my second stab at adulthood.

That fits,

better than the dress ever did.


lisa adams said...

Good for you, Erin... I hope only good things will be coming your way.

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