Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 18 Update

It's official: I'm 20% of the way to my goal!* That's my personal goal, not my doctor's goal. My doctor's goal is another 5-10 pounds lower, which frankly, just isn't going to happen. My love of food and disdain for exercise make it pretty much impossible.

I'm going to try to keep this momentum up for the next few weeks before I leave for Paris, because I fully expect to gain a few pounds while I'm there. And I'm happy to pay that price for good cheese and red wine in a cafe along the Seine.

Week 18
Total weight loss: 10 1/2 lbs (I gained some weight back over the last few weeks, but lost it plus a little more - yay me!)
Number of workouts: 5 (2 roller derby practices, 2 30-minute circuit training sessions at the gym, 1 40-minute hike/walk through the state park behind my office)
Number of days at or under 1600 calories: 3

*That sounds a lot better than "I lost 10 pounds," so that's what I'm going with.


Katherine said...

Nice! Your progress monitoring is inspiring. Also, you look great!

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