Friday, June 22, 2012

Week 28 & 29 Updates

I've gone from slacking on eating right and exercising to slacking on blogging about my slacking. Fantastic.

I hit a mini-milestone two weekends ago, which which I thought would really motivate me to get back on track. That weekend I had my roller derby assessment - a test to see if I could move up from the beginner level and start hitting people and actually scrimmaging. I did a lot better than I expected on the endurance portion, especially considering I hadn't been as consistent about showing up to practice in the last couple months. Here's my progress over the last 5 months:

January: 16 laps in 5 minutes
March: 20.5 laps in 5 minutes (needed a minimum of 19 to pass the test)
June: 23.5 laps in 5 minutes!

Like I said, I thought that would motivate me to get back on track. But I'm still not going to the gym or keeping myself from binging on tortilla chips and ice cream (not together - yuck!). Even after I got my test results - I passed! - I still didn't go to the gym. I even skipped practice. It's like I'm in a rut that I just can't pull myself out of right now.

Week 28
Total weight loss: 17 lbs. (down another 1 1/2 lbs., but that was probably just a fluke)
Number of workouts: 2 (2 roller derby practices)
Number of days at or under 1600 calories: 2

Week 29
Total weight loss: hell if I know
Number of workouts: 0
Number of days at or under 1600 calories: 0

See? Rut. Downward spiral. Bad.

I think part of it is my shoulder injury. It's just not getting any better; if anything, it's hurting more. I see my physical therapist weekly and do what she tells me, but it isn't helping. I have an appointment with a sports medicine specialist, but that's not for another couple weeks. In the meantime, I find myself feeling more and more frustrated and less and less motivated.

A friend pointed out that just because my progress has slowed doesn't mean it's stopped or that I've lost all the progress I've made so far. And I know she's right. But it's still just so frustrating.

I know what I need to do: I need to do what I'm able to do. I need to go to the gym and focus on cardio and strength training that doesn't bother my shoulder. I need to go to skate practice and participate in the drills I'm able to, and opt out of the ones that are too potentially dangerous for my shoulder. I need to stop splurging all day every day and eat healthy foods. But mostly, I need to stop feeling sorry for myself, because that's the real reason I'm skipping the gym and practice and eating like crap. I'm pouting over my shoulder, and instead of making me feel better, it's making everything worse.


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I hope your shoulder hasn’t been giving you any more trouble, but if you think that it’s just getting worse and that the physical therapy doesn’t seem to be working, it would be advisable to get a second look at your injury. A second opinion might be able to see if there isn’t an underlying problem that wasn’t seen before. And don’t give up on your goals! Just keep working and believe that it WILL happen for you! Good luck!

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