Thursday, July 19, 2012


I've been at a bit of a loss for things to write about lately. It's not that everything's going swimmingly in my life; more like I'm having trouble finding anything worthy of the effort. Nothing really feels interesting enough to sit down, put fingers to keyboard, and start composing reasonably intelligible sentences about it.

One of the few things that's gotten me excited in the last week or so is a new band I heard for the first time yesterday. It was serendipitous that I even got to hear them - I was running late so I was driving after 9am, which is the time I normally turn off my local public radio station because they insist on continuing to employ a DJ who talks over the music and tells long rambling stories with long stretches of dead air sprinkled in for good measure. But for whatever reason, I was running late and didn't switch the station off, and that's how I first heard The Lumineers. They're pretty much my favorite thing of the last 24 hours.

What made it all even better is that the album is on sale for super cheap right now - $4.99 on Amazon and just a few dollars more on iTunes. I bought the whole album, and the songs just feel so right for my mood right now: mellow, contemplative, sometimes upbeat and sometimes not. I still really like the single I heard on the radio, "Ho Hey," which you can hear below. But if you have the time, you should check out the live version of their song "Dead Sea," because that song is what really moves me right now.

Maybe I did find some motivation after all.

Disclaimer: If you click on either of the links to Amazon or iTunes above and purchase the album, I will receive a small commission. I was not paid to include these links, or to write this post. No one else even suggested I write this post. I'm just genuinely enjoying this band right now, and thought I'd share. If you like them and would like to throw a few cents my way (and I'm being literal there), feel free to purchase using either of those links. If not, well, I still would've written this post anyway.


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